Lucifer returns with several surprises

On Monday August 13th Netflix released the trailer of the fifth season of Lucifer (part 1).
The series starring Tom Ellis and Lauren German with a cast of excellent actors will finally premiere its first 8 episodes on August 21st through the Netflix streaming platform. 

One of the strongest surprises we found, especially for those who didn't read the comic, was to learn about the existence of Michael, Lucifer's twin brother. 
Michael will be in charge of turning upside down everyone we knew until now about our favorite devil. 

"The new trailer reveals that another member of Lucifer's family will also appear this fifth season. Tom Ellis will do a double feature playing Lucifer Morningstar, as well as his twin brother, Michael”

You haven't seen the trailer yet? We'll leave you the link below:

Chloe Decker will also be affected by the appearance of the twin as she will initially mistake it for Lucifer mistakenly believing he returned from hell. It seems that Michael will take advantage of this to carry out his revenge against Lucifer by usurping his life on the mortal plane.

Regarding the Deckerstar relationship, Henderson said in an interview,

"We wonder, what do we want to happen between Lucifer and Chloe? What haven't we explored or explained yet? And we've tried to show all that in season five."

Deckerstar will be a roller coaster of emotions and we are not yet ready to assimilate all the drama that will come, you know?
Another reason for joy for all LuciFans that I must highlight is the renewal for a sixth and final season. It will be the definitive one and it will close one of the most complete and addictive series of the last years.

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