Being a LUCIFAN is a serious thing...


Lucifer Season 6 Copyright JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX


It's like this. Being a LuciFan involves not only loving this fabulous series, Lucifer, but being willing to save it from the graveyard of television shows.

For all of us who loved Lucifer Morningstar's adventures in Los Angeles, on a weekly basis, and eager for each episode, one day in March 2018 came the worst news....

Our beloved Tom Ellis, protagonist and incarnation of the Devil, told us in a heartfelt twitter, with great sorrow, the cancellation of the show.

He himself declared some time later:
"I had just finished a live interview for a well known channel and the call came. I felt like the world was falling apart when I found out".

After a super exciting season finale, with all the condiments, and the revelation of Lucifer's identity as The Devil to Chloe our hype was unsustainable.

What happened next?

For a month, arduously, all Lucifans campaigned on Twitter, reaching in a sustained way to be TT in several countries around the world.

The rest is history and is already recorded as a before and after as a precedent of what the public wants...and fights to get.

The happiest news: almost a month later Netflix rescued Lucifer from his damnation and brought him back to life.

We have reached the end, only of this show, since this story of unconditional love of a fandom with its show and its protagonists is eternal.

And from our humble place we found it beautiful to give life to these evocative designs, and super senses.

We invite you to get to know them...

Lucifer's Eternal Collection

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